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Let’s be perfectly honest. Whoever invented wet wipes was way, way ahead of the game. Wet wipes come to our rescue time and time again, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. They don’t worry too much about our age either. They simply step up to the plate and help us clean up quickly and easily, helping us feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the process. They’re nothing short than a work of art. At the braai, at the kiddie’s party, in the car, on the beach, during the hike, you name it, wet wipes are a firm South African favourite. From vetkoek to chops, snotty noses to icky fingers, wet wipes are everyone’s friend. But here’s the thing! Did you know that to manufacture wet wipes is actually a process that requires some serious know-how? As a wet wipe packaging manufacturer, you need to really understand your stuff!

Take Multipack Wipe Solutions for example. We’re a South African hand wipe manufacturer who specialise in creating, manufacturing and producing superior quality, reliable and highly trusted wet wipes for a wide range of clients. That all sounds very nice, but we’d like to actually back-up our quality promise by providing you with some interesting insights into how we achieve this. Ready? Here goes…


We South Africans are a pretty demanding bunch. We live very unique, very diverse lifestyles. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ wet wipe is not going to work for us. Not ever. At Multipack Wipe Solutions, we understand this. Our designers craft wet wipes that are tailored to work effectively across a wide range of needs. Mom might want a specific wet wipe for cleaning baby. Oom Sarel might want a box or two of wet wipes for his fishing expedition. Then there’s the rep who is always eating lunch in the car. And the actress who desires effective removal of heavy stage make-up. Different people, different wet wipe needs.

Our designers also think carefully about overall packaging design. Wet wipe packaging needs to offer superior easy-of-use, like quick opening and simple wet wipe release. Effective packaging design also needs to ensure that the wet wipes retain their moisture for good longevity. So when it comes to wet wipe design, our designers think out-of-the-box, in-the-box and all around the box!

High quality private label wet wipe manufacturer South Africa MPWS


Now practical, reliable (not to mention functional) wet wipe design is all good and well. But the best design on the planet just won’t measure up unless the materials used in the manufacturing process are flawless. When it comes to wet wipe manufacturing, our buyers and quality control specialists at Multipack Wipe Solutions source only the finest packaging, raw materials and scientifically-proven solutions. This includes…

  • Non-woven fabric (the most typical fibers utilised include cotton, rayon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, biodegradable and flushable materials).
  • Cleansing ingredients (water, moisturising agents, fragrances, and preservatives).
  • Packaging components that keep the wet wipes contamination-free and maintain moisture whilst ensuring value to the consumer.

All materials we source are continually subjected to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring our clients get the very best products available.

Wet wipe manufacturer South Africa MPWS


By now you’re probably out of your seat with excitement wanting to know all about the actual manufacturing process. Buckle up, here we go! Our raw Material Suppliers use what is called wet lay processing. They mix the non-woven fiber with water and chemicals into a consistent paste and then roll the fiber into long, flat sheets. After drying they use a slitter rewinder to shred these master sheets into smaller segments and usable jumbo rolls. A pneumatic cross-cutter then goes to work. It divides the smaller segments with pin-point accuracy. It then releases them onto a platform where final perforation into consumer-size batches takes place (an example would be different widths commonly used for canister or bucket wipe products). Finally, the wipes are carefully fed onto state-of-the-art coating equipment and the cleaning solution applied. The final product is then piled, folded and packaged, ready for distribution.

As you can see, it does require somewhat of a science degree to produce a highly efficient wet wipe that is going to serve the South African market with outstanding results. Thankfully, it’s what we do best and it’s what we love to do (and we’re very good at it to boot). If you’d like Multipack Wipe Solutions to become your favourite South African wet wipe manufacturer, call us, mail us, or visit us. We’re ready when you are!

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