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Eco-Friendly Flushable Wet Wipes

At Multipack Wipe Solutions, we work hard at offering our clients eco-friendly flushable, wet tissue wipes. In this day and age, being environmentally and eco-aware is especially important. Contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment ensures that we not only safeguard the planet for future generations to come but that we protect it in the here and now for our own benefit.

This, of course, raises some relevant questions – should we be flushing our wet wipes down the loo? Is it safe to do so? Is it a good idea? Will they block and clog our drains, or will they end up in our oceans?

As experts in our field, Multipack Wipe Solutions suggests that we always exercise common sense and caution when flushing wet wipes down the toilet. A blocked drain can be a somewhat alarming and unsettling exercise to even the strongest of stomachs.

What’s more, if you truly want to put Albie the Plumber in a severely bad mood, invite him over for an hour or two of good, old-fashioned unclogging. Not only will you receive an impressive bill for the pleasure, but you’ll also learn a whole new range of previously unheard-of expletives.

However, that said, there is some rather good news. Multipack Wipe Solutions, a wet wipe manufacturer, is innovatively created and designed to be flush-friendly. Scientifically tested under strict laboratory settings, we take great care to ensure that our wet tissue wipes meet a range of quality control measures so that they biodegrade the way they should, without any undue fuss or bother.

Flushable, Wet Tissue Wipes from Multi Pack Wet Wipe (MPWS)

The materials and chemicals used in our wet tissue wipes are non-harmful, non-toxic and take the environment to heart. So yes, although they’re gentle on your skin, they’re also easy and gentle on Mother Nature as well as your drain.

That said, every drain suffers from a temper tantrum now and again. When flushing any Multipack Wipe Solution wet tissue wipes, it’s always a good idea to still exercise some basic etiquette. Obviously, it’s not a very clever idea to flush entire heaps of tissue wipes at a time. One, two, or even three wet tissue wipes will flush safely.

So careful as you go! By being sensible you’ll be ensuring that drains and the stormwater pipes that lead to our deep blue oceans remain free flowing as they should.

We like to think that you can always trust Multipack Wipe Solutions to continue manufacturing and producing wet tissue wipes that offer an eco-friendly and biodegradable solution that’s in step with environmental health and well-being. So important this is to us, that all of our fabrics are non-woven and plastic-free. The liquid formulations that go into our wet wipes are always sourced from responsible companies that are ISO compliant.

Multipack Wet Wipe’s (MPWS) Flushable, Wet Tissue Wipes are Environmentally Friendly.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that our formulations are created by registered and qualified chemists who carry the necessary professional knowledge and expertise to bring you wet tissue wipes that care for both you and your world.

Like you, we embrace looking after our planet and its precious cargo of people, plants, animals, oceans and wide-open spaces with a great deal of sincerity. After all, this is the only home we have, so keeping it in tip-top shape is extremely important. By reducing our own carbon footprint and being mindful of the world around us, Multipack Wipe Solutions are therefore 100% committed to maintaining a healthy eco-system.

So, wherever you are across South Africa, enjoy using our high-quality, efficient, and effective wet tissue wipes and remember to always flush with care and responsibly. Our planet is your planet – let’s work together to keep it that way.

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